PostHeaderIcon Welcome to Keyboard/General Music Class 2016!

Welcome to all of my new and returning Keyboard students.  This web page is devoted to providing class information to you and to serve as a source for class materials that may be lost or misplaced.  Please remember that you will be given one copy of all class materials by the teacher.  If these are lost, forgotten, destroyed, or misplaced, you can print them from files on this page (if the item is copyrighted music, you will be directed to email me for the materials).



7th8th Grade General Music syllabus2016-17

Mary Had A Little Lamb Music:


Music for Lightly Row, Hush Little Baby, Down at the Station, and Bingo must requested by email.  Please email

Practice Flash Cards for Notes of the Treble Clef

These look similar to the flash cards we use in class.  Print the first page only–the five notes are Middle C (first card) D, E, F, and G


PostHeaderIcon New Music for This Week….and NTI for next week

Summary of Activities for this week:

Students have been practicing reading notes in the Treble Clef and Bass Clef and playing melodies that use both hands.  We are continuing to use the Music Ace software to reinforce note reading skills.  Students who are behind due to absences, etc may work in the program during Tiger Tutoring or during bus dismissal (3:15-3:30) in the afternoons.  Please see me and let me know you are planning to do this and I will be in my room.

If you have lost your music and need additional copies,

C Major Scale Sheet can be found here:  C Major Scale

The music to Hush Little Baby and Down at the Station is copyrighted–you must email me for an electronic copy.

NTI assignment #3:  NTIDay3


PostHeaderIcon Melody Unit 1 has been completed!

Students completed the study of melody and reading notes in the treble and bass clefs prior to the end of the 1st grading period.  We are currently in a mini-unit that will introduce the history of the Star Spangled Banner.  We will begin our Rhythm Unit on November 9.

The piano repertoire we are currently playing:

Hanon Study #1 (copies available by email only)

London Bridge/Twinkle Twinkle Little Star  LondonBridge (music in link)

The Star Spangled Banner (copies available by email only)

PostHeaderIcon Make Up Tests….

Student’s do have multiple opportunities to  retake summative assessments (70% of class grade).  These opportunities are available “in class”.  Our first summative assessment grades were entered prior to the first mid term grade posting and all students had two or more opportunities to raise their grade to an “A”.  This is standard practice in my class–it isn’t “when” you gain the knowledge, it is “that” you learned the material!!

Copies of music distributed in class are always available by emailing me–some music may also have links published on this site.  Only “non-copyrighted” music can be linked on my web pages (these are my personal creations).

This week’s target:  I can read notes in the Treble and Bass Clef and play a melody on the piano.  This week, we are working on Yankee Doodle and Bingo.


PostHeaderIcon Music/Keyboard Classes, August 17-28

Target 1- I can locate Middle C on the piano keyboard

Target 2- I can identify the fingers of the right hand by number (Thumb=1, Pointer=2, Middle=3, Ring=4, Pinky=5) and use these fingers to play a simple melody.

Target 3- I can identify the letters of the Musical Alphabet (a, b, c, d, e, f, g)

Target 4- I can identify the names of treble clef notes (Middle C through G)

Mary Had A Little Lamb Sheet Music: (copy and paste link)

PostHeaderIcon Welcome Back 2015 Music/Keyboard and Piano Classes!!!

It has been a terrific week meeting all of my new students and seeing all of my returning students.  Watch this web page for updates on our class activities.  A link to the syllabus for this class

PostHeaderIcon 1st Summative Assessment

Student’s are learning to play America/My Country ’tis of Thee for their first summative assessment in class. The playing test may be taken Thursday, 2/12, Friday 2/13, or Monday 2/16 and may be retaken through Monday if an earlier attempt is unsuccessful. We do utilize class time each day for practice and review.

PostHeaderIcon Welcome to 3rd Nine Weeks!

I have failed to update my webpage for a few weeks–many apologies to my parents and students!

Here’s what is happening in Keyboard General Music Classes:

Student’s are learning basic “C” position on the keyboards (thumbs of both hands on Middle C) and reading simple melodies with notes in both the right and left hands. This requires them to read notes in both the Treble and Bass Clefs. Our latest tunes have been Down At The Station and Hush Little Baby.

Student’s are also working with our Music Ace Software on our in-class computer lab. This software reinforces the skills we are learning as we play the keyboards by giving students practice with finding notes on the keyboards and on the staffs.

Please feel free to contact me through email at if you have any questions or would like to request homework assignments/makeup assignments for days that are missed.

PostHeaderIcon Rhythm Unit and Upcoming Unit Test

We are now completing our Unit on Rhythm and our Summative Assessment will be Monday, December 8. Remember, this Assessment will count for 70% of your 9-week’s grade, so be sure to review the Study Guide that you received in class. Student’s are also working on holiday music–please be sure to notify Mrs. Ohler if alternative selections are needed for any holiday music.

PostHeaderIcon November 5-7-2014

Keyboard skills test over Hanon Study #1. Student’s have been working on this piano exercise that targets two hand coordination and the weakness’ of the 3rd and 4th fingers on each hand. We are also working on understanding the musical element of Rhythm through exercises on Music Ace 2 that focus on tempo recognition and repeating rhythm patterns. Fun Website to check out: