Artist: Alma Thomas, painter

Why do people make art? How does making art make life better?Alma Thomas was an art teacher who liked growing a garden.  Her garden inspired her artworks. What do you see that reminds you of a garden? 

1st grade goal: I can talk about reasons to make art outside of school. Do you make art outside of school? What do you make?

Artist: Carmen Lomas Garza

Artists make art about things they see, feel, remember, and imagine. Carmen Lomas Garza explains where she gets ideas for her artworks and how art, reading, and writing all work together. What stories does her art tell? What story could you tell about your life? How could you show that story using art?

2nd grade goal: I can create art about events in my life.

K goal: I can tell a story about my life using art.

2019 Art to Remember Ordering


Students have worked hard to complete their stunning artworks for Art to Remember.

Important dates:

  • Thursday, March 7– Order forms sent home
  • Friday, March 22-Online/phone orders due
  • End of March– Orders will arrive at Southside

Please make sure your Art to Remember order form has your student’s name and artwork on it. Each form is personalized, so it is very important that you have your student’s order form. *If you have another student’s order form, please return it to me (Ms. Baird) and I will get you a new one. 

Link to Art to Remember ordering site: 

This year, Southside is offering convenient online or phone orders only. Directions on how to order are on the back of your order form. Please do not send completed orders, checks, or money to school.

If you have any questions, please contact me at:

Thank you!