2018-2019 End of the Year Review

As the 2018-2019 school year closes, the art room would like to thank Southside Families for all their support. This year, we’ve participated in eight special art events in addition to our choice-based art classes.

  • Improbable Baubles at the Headley-Whitney Museum (5th)
  • Art to Remember  (PreK-5th)
  • Doodle 4 Google  (K-5th)
  • Francisco’s Farm Art Festival (3rd-4th)
  • Scenery and props for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade music performances
  • KY All State Art Show  (3rd-5th)
  • Cafeteria Mural (4th-5th)
  • Collaborative Mural for Arts Day (K-5)

Thank you for continuing to support our students’ creativity!

Artist: Jeff Zimmerman and murals

Murals are large artworks shown on walls. They can be painted inside or outside. Murals can tell a story about a place or the people who live there. This was painted by Ohio artist, Eric Henn. What does this mural tell about Versailles? Where is it located? 

Watch the video about Jeff Zimmerman who is a mural artist in Chicago.

Goal: I can draw a mural design and show where the mural will be.

2nd-5th grades: Here’s one way to draw an inside space:

Two Artists: Hokusai and Hockney

Katsushika Hokusai lived from 1760 – 1849 in Japan. What do you notice about his artwork?

David Hockney is a British artist who was born in 1937 and still making art. What do you notice about his artwork?

File:Hockney Pool Figures.jpg
David Hockney’s 1972 painting Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)
A Bigger Grand Canyon, 1998, National Gallery of Australia.

How is Hokusai’s art and Hockney’s art similar and different?