Art to Remember 2019

Southside Parents & Families,

This January and February, all grades (preK-5) will create artworks for the Art to Remember fundraiser.  Art to Remember provides families with an easy way to have their students’ artworks printed on items such as: iPhone covers, water bottles, and stickers.


Our grade level themes are shown below. Ordering information will be posted on Ms. Baird’s website and sent home. For more information, please visit the Art to Remember website Click here for a full listing of products. 

Artist inspirations:

Kindergarten: Jim Dine

1st grade: Vassily Kandinsky

2nd grade: Natalia Goncharova

3rd grade: Vincent Van Gogh

4th grade: David Hockney

5th grade: Claude Monet

2019 Doodle 4 Google Contest K-12 grades

It’s time for the 2019 Doodle 4 Google. What is a Doodle? Click the image below to learn more about the contest.

General info:

  • This contest is optional.
  • Your design must be 2-D (flat) and original. You cannot copy or use copyrighted artworks.
  • You can use art class time (not during Art to Remember) OR work on this at home.
  • Your parents/guardian must fill out and sign the entry form.
  • Your design must be done on the entry form or taped onto the entry form. I have entry forms or you can click here to print one at home.
  • If you want Ms. Baird to submit your design, it’s due Wednesday, March 13.
  • If you want to enter your design at home with your parents/guardian, it’s due Monday, March 18.

Places: The North Pole

Artists get ideas from places that are real and places that they imagine. The North Pole is a real place, but few people have been there. I’ve even heard that there’s magical village there. Here’s what the North Pole looks like:

Make an artwork inspired by the North Pole. Your choices:

  • Make a realistic artwork showing the North Pole.
  • Make an artwork showing what you think Santa’s Village looks like in the North Pole.