Daily Lessons and Resources 2017-2018

Mr. Calvert’s World Geography 2017-2018 Syllabus

Welcome to 6th grade Social Studies!

This year we have organized our study of the world around six units. In each unit, students will investigate the Five Themes of Geography focusing on the various standards and their targets connected to 6th grade Kentucky Core Content. Each semester we will have one project-based unit connected to one or more standards.

Our goal this year is for students to develop skills they will need to succeed in our 21st Century world. Those skills include: life and career skills, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and information, media and technology skills.

I look forward to having your son or daughter in my class this year.

The following is a brief outline of the curriculum as dictated by Kentucky Core Content 4.1 and the Program of Studies with the coming new Social Studies standards in mind.

First Semester

 “Geography Skills” – Review Fundamentals (Map skills, reading graphs/charts, writing guidelines), Historical Thinking Skills/Chart, Five Themes of Geography;

“Culture” – Berlin Conference Simulation, Defining Boundaries, Borders/Culture Themes, Immigration, Emigration, Movement of People, Things and Ideas.

“Population” – World of 100, population terms, population pyramids, settlement patterns, urbanization/urban sprawl, population growth.

Second Semester

Government” – Power/Sovereignty, Philosophies of Government, Rule of Law, Types of Government, Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship.

“Economics” – Economics Unit, Opportunity Cost, Factors of Production, Law of Supply and Demand, Price ceilings/floors, Types of Economic Systems

“Flex Unit” – Understanding historical perspective and points of view, cultures past and present (East vs. West focus), forming arguments using sources, analysis of sources and current events, UN Simulation

Supply Expectations –  These are all the materials required for 6th grade and some of them are for Social Studies:

  • 3 composition notebooks
  • 2 packs of index cards
  • 1 pack of dividers
  • 2 inch binder
  • 2 packs loose leaf paper

Weighted grading-Because there are several types of graded assignments (some more evaluative than others), my grades are weighted to make test and projects (summative assessments) count the most toward the final grade. The following is a breakdown of weights:

Summative Grading: Tests and Projects – 70%

Formative Grading: Quizzes, Classwork/Homework, Exit Slips, Participation, Flashbacks – 30%

Grades- Progress reports are sent home every 4-1/2 weeks and must be signed and returned. Grade cards are sent home every 9 weeks. The school grading scale is:

A – 90-100          B – 80-89             C – 70-79             D – 60-69            F – 59 and below

My e-mail address is:  mack.calvert@woodford.kyschools.us

My webpage address is: http://ilearn.woodfordschools.org/mcalvert/?p=2005

Classroom Expectations: Our Classroom R.O.C.K.S!!!!!

 Respect for others- Listen when someone else is talking. Respect everyone’s ideas and opinions as we share our thinking.

Ownership in Learning- bring only appropriate classroom materials to class (pencils, notebook, etc) No cell phones, iPods, etc. out during class unless okayed bv Mr. Calvert. No gum, candy or food.

Cooperation with teacher and each other- Listen for instruction, talking only when appropriate. Raise hand to be called on. Respond to everyone in a respectful manner.

Kindness towards others- Keep hands and feet to yourself.

Safety in class- Follow the classroom procedures as stated above. We want everybody to feel safe and welcome!!

The following are consequences designed to redirect students:

Incident 1:Verbal warning and name on board

Incident 2: Name checked on board and parent notification

Incident 3: MIR (incident report sent to office)

*Major Offense (Verbal or Physical Altercation/Insubordination): Direct referral to office

Daily Procedures:

  1. Be on time to class with pencil, paper and binder. You have 5 minutes between classes. Don’t waste it. Use the restroom at this time. You shouldn’t have to ask me to go to the restroom during class.
  2. You are tardy to class when I shut the door. Three tardies in a single week result in after school detention on Thursday. If you are tardy, knock to gain entrance.
  3. Promptly sharpen pencil if needed, otherwise sit and write down the daily target and homework in your Tiger Book and do the warmup on the screen.
  4. Participate in all class activities.
  5. Whenever work is turned in (late work, absent work, classwork) it will go in the white period bin with your period number on it. Bins are on the tall wooden shelves. I will not remind you to turn in late or absent work. You can put it in the tray any time during the day.
  6. Be sure your area is clean at dismissal time, return borrowed materials and pack up all items that belong to you. Your storage area is your locker not my room.
  7. Class ends when the teacher dismisses, not according to the clock. Push chairs up when leaving.

When Absent:

The blue mailbox on the back table is for absent work. Each day there will be a box tagged with a date. If you missed class on that date, pull out a sheet or packet that has your name highlighted. If you don’t understand the instructions, see me. It is your responsibility to get your missing work and to turn it back in.

Leaving the Classroom:

If you have an emergency and must leave, ask for permission and take the paddle from the teacher mailbox at the front of the room. You must have a hall pass to be in the hall during class time.


Assignments are due on time. Students will lose 20% of their grade on assignments if they are more than a day late. Homework not turned in significantly affects your grade.

Assignments will eventually be posted on my website on the WCMS school webpage.

There are NO EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENTS, but students may be able to redo certain assignments and tests.

Signing below indicates that each party clearly understands the procedures and expectations for this year.

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_______________________________  Parent Signature…….

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 If at all possible, please provide me with an email address. This is my best option for quick contact.

 Email Address (please double check accuracy and readability) ______________________________________

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