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Mr. Kahn’s Social Studies

Minoans & Mycenaeans

The following web pages will provide you information on Minoan & Mycenaean civilizations. You will go to the corresponding Google Form to see the questions and submit your answers.

Minoans & Mycenaeans

Minoans 1

Minoans 2

Minoans 3

Minoans 4

Mycenaeans 1

Mycenaeans 2

Mycenaeans 3

Mycenaeans 4


Aryan Invasion Debate

Links about the Aryan Invasion (also your textbook)

Link 1 

Link 2

Link 3


Links that say there was no Aryan Invasion

Link 4

Link 5

Link 6

Link 7


Links with information about both ideas

Link 8

Link 9

Quarter 2 Week 5 – November 28 to December 2, 2016

This week we will be learning about early India

Monday, November 28th

Early India after the Harappans

Tuesday, November 29th

Brahmanism and the Caste System

Wednesday, November 30th

Hinduism Part I

Thursday, December 1st

Hinduism Part II

Friday, December 2nd

Buddhism Part I

Information on Patriarchs of Judaism

Jacob 1

Jacob 2

Jacob 3

Joseph 1

Joseph 2

Joseph 3

David 1

David 2

David 3

Solomon 1

Solomon 2

Solomon 3


Quarter 2 Week 2 – October 31 to November 4, 2016

This week we will working on the primary writing piece for our first semester, a narrative writing on some aspect of Egyptian civilization. The students will conduct research on their chosen topics, organize their information in an outline, and make their piece according to the format they have chosen. This project will take all week.

Links to New Kingdom Pharaohs

Follow these links to information about the pharaohs of the New Kingdom:

Ahmose 1

Ahmose 2

Ahmose 3

Hatshepsut 1

Hatshepsut 2

Hatshepsut 3

Hatshepsut Video

Thutmose III 1

Thutmose III 2

Thutmose III 3

Akhenaten 1

Akhenaten 2

Akhenaten 3

Tutankhamen 1

Tutankhamen 2

Tutankhamen 3

Ramses II 1

Ramses II 2

Ramses II 3

Ramses II Temple at Abu Simbel Video

Quarter 2 Week 1 — October 24-28, 2016

We will be finishing up Egypt this week with a look at the New Kingdom.

Monday, October 24th

2nd Intermediate Period (the Hyksos Invasion) and early New Kingdom pharaohs, Ahmose, Hatshepsut & Thutmose III

Tuesday, October 25th

New Kingdom pharaohs Akhenaten and Tutankhamen – an attempt at monotheism

Wednesday. October 26th

New Kingdom pharaoh Ramses II and his massive building projects, including self-promotion

Thursday, October 27th

Diminishing powers in Egypt as the kingdoms to the south rise in influence and power

Friday, October 28th  

Nubia & Kush create a “new” Egypt in the south

Friday, October 21st

The Egyptian Middle Kingdom

The Middle Kingdom of Egyptian history lasted from 2040 BC to 1782 BC. This period of stability was between two periods of unrest, the First and Second Intermediate Periods.

The Middle Kingdom was a period of only two dynasties (really 1 1/2), part of the 11th and all of the 12th.

You and your table partners will do research and share information on this time period of Egyptian history. Each person will choose one of these topics:

  • Table Position 1 — Dynasty 12 Pharaohs
  • Table Position 2 — Late Dynasty 11 Pharaohs
  • Table Position 3 — The move to a new capital city
  • Table Position 4 — Government of the Middle Kingdom

 You will have 15 minutes to research and take notes on your topic. Then, you will share what you have learned with others in the room who had your topic. You will have 5 minutes to see if they found things you didn’t.

You will then return to your table and for the next 20 minutes, jigsaw the information so all of you have a good understanding of this period of Egyptian history. Place the highlights of information on your graphic organizer.

Use the following websites to do your research: – good info on pharaohs – info on capital move and links to info on pharaohs – general overview of the Intermediate Periods and the Middle Kingdom – good information on all topics, but takes some reading – Timeline of the Middle Kingdom – good general information on the Middle Kingdom – excellent information on government and administration — overview of Intermediate Periods and Middle Kingdom read aloud – great 12th Dynasty information – Capital City in archaeology

Quarter 1 Week 9 — October 17-21, 2016

We are continuing our unit study of ancient Egypt.

Monday, October 17th

Egyptian beliefs of the afterlife

Tuesday, October 18th

Embalming & mummification

Wednesday, October 19th

Hieroglyphics, Part I

Thursday, October 20th

Hieroglyphics, Part II

Friday, October 21st

The Middle Kingdom & the First & Second Intermediate Periods

Pyramid Exploration

You will be answering the questions on the worksheet provided. The web pages I have given below will assist you in your exploration.


Mastaba 2

Meidum Pyramid

Meidum Pyramid 2

Step Pyramid

Step Pyramid 2

Step Pyramid 3

Bent Pyramid

Bent Pyramid 2

Red Pyramid

Red Pyramid 2

Giza Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre & Menkaure

Giza Pyramids 2

Giza Pyramids 3



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